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Born Joy Dead - Sourdough

This was one of those rare occasions where the band had a clear and concise vision for their concept - complete, start to finish. This scenario usually goes three ways:

(a) Great, I dig, let's do it

(b) I think we can workshop this

(c) Get out of my office

This was (a)


The reason I liked the idea - was that it involved the band carrying out hilarious workplace video instructions from the '90s, and borrowing some inspo from Officespace. Some of my favourite music videos involve the band members trying to act, I'm looking at you clips from the 1990s i.e. Foo Fighters, Blink 182 and such.

I wish I had the chance to direct more silly music videos like this one. To quote Taika Waititi who was quoting Jermaine Clement "the world needs more stupid shit."

Directed & Produced by Gregory Kelly

Starring and concept: Born Joy Dead

Director of Photography: Rohan McHugh

Production Design: Pernell Marsden

Gaffer: Ben Tregea

Art Department Assistant: Ailish Marsden

Production Assistant: Rob Riley

Colourist: Tahnee Wimart

Hair & Makeup: Danielle Murray

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