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Seagull Man

Short Film - 13 pages

Daryl Kennedy AKA the Seagull Man, claims he was raised by the seagulls at Crab Bay after being abandoned there as a toddler. Is he for real, or just full of hot chips? Suburban Spins investigates the endorsements and refutes of the locals.

Mockumentary in the style of Australian Story and the Office.


Dad's Joke

A six part, half hour, ABC type

television comedy.

After having his work hours cut and placing financial stress on his family, average Aussie Dad; Alan McDonald enters an amateur stand-up comedy night where he performs his "dad jokes" in hope of winning the cash prize. The performance goes viral, and Alan is soon engulfed in fifteen minutes of fame, which takes him on a national tour. How will this newfound fame affect his old world?



Double O Bevan

Comedy, action Feature - 101 pages


After his elderly Mum is scammed of her life savings, Underachiever - Bevan embarks on a dangerous espionage mission to retrieve her life savings.

The Castle meets Jason Bourne. A classic story of an average dude plunged into extreme circumstances - but also challenged to overcome his confidence troubles that stem back to his Father abandonment issues. Classic spy tropes - James Bond references, car chases, foot chases, disguises, Karate and a European city that could be mistaken for a disguised Melbourne? - but, surely not.


It's a Man's World

6 x 10 minute webisodes

In a post-apocalyptic world where a zombie virus has infected only females, Jono and Mark must
save Jono's wife, who is being held as a slave by the evil Flesh Panderers.

Drama, horror and post-apocalyptic. The Road, the Walking Dead, Children of Men.


Lima Syndrome

Feature Film


Brothers and petty crooks; Rick and Terry, are attempting their first big job - transporting a hostage
across Australia, but tensions build between the siblings as Rick questions his morals. Will he commit the ultimate betrayal and spare the hostage's life while escaping with her?

Drama, thriller, Crime. Animal Kingdom, True Romance, Son of a Gun.


Feature Film

After his wife is bitten by a zombie, a well-to-do Neil must learn how to coexist with his
living-dead-darling as his attempts to kill her go unsuccessful.

Black comedy, drama.

Shaun of the Dead, The Voices and American Psycho.

Unnamed Zombie Comedy

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