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Du0 - It's OK

This concept took me a while to get. I initially had an idea based around a snorricam technique (Google it) but I felt there was more to the video than just a camera rig. Something that explores the toxic nature of the lyrics.


Having a love of apocalyptic films and such, I fashioned a concept set in a dystopian future, where the outside air is toxic, but inside, it's toxic for different reasons. This allowed us to have fun with colours and some practical effects.

I feel Music videos don't get the credit they deserve for teaching storytelling. They guide you to tell stories in a short space of time, and usually with no dialogue. Invaluable assets.

Concept & Direction: Gregory Kelly

Starring Carissa Lee & Lucas Pittaway

Produced by Courtney Bombell & Creative Clones

Production Design by Pernell Marsden

Director of Photography: Daniel Dunn

Edited by Shannon Michaelas

Colourist: Ciara Gallogly

Hair & Makeup by Rachel Dass

1st AD: Ciandra Moore

Gaffer: Andrew Lock

Set Dresser: Shannon Biviano

Art Assistant: Phoenix Waddell

1st AC: Tom Graham

2nd AC: Noah Hodgson

Cam/Light Assist: Scott Marrinan

Unit Assistant: Braiden Asciak

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