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Hellbender - Short Film

A suburban short that chronicles the unorthodox  methods of an unremarkable man on a quest for significance.

Hellbender made its world premiere at the Flickerfest Short Film Festival 2022, won Best Australian Film at the Melbourne Cineverse Film Festival 2022 and was awarded Best Short Film Direction at Capricorn Film Festival 2023.


Hellbender manifested during a rage-fuelled walk

following a script workshop for another short film that wasn't mine.

I was feeling like a failure - having not made a film for quite a few years, and whole story for Hellbender flooded into my head immediately as I pounded the pavement.

I had a story, but I still wasn't sure what it all meant, having trawled through a few pseudo interpretations. 

But, Pernell Marsden helped decipher the inner layers, and a story about failure, masculinity and imposter syndrome - especially that of a creative and a man - materialised.


Hellbender had an incredible cast and crew involved, and it was a pleasure making this personal story with them. 

Starring Lucas Pittaway

Written & Directed by Gregory Kelly

Produced by Aarushi Chowdhury & Lachlan Wyness

Production Design by Pernell Marsden

Director of Photography by Rudi Siira

Featuring Lucinda Keating, Nathan Pahlijina, James McFadden, Janine McGrath, David Duce & Ruby Stevens.

Edited by Malwina Wodzicka

Sound Design by Scott Young

Colour Grade by Nicolas Hower

Hair & Makeup by Emily Stacey

Costume Design by Thomas Bevans

1st Assistant Camera: Noah Hodgson & Rain Flavell

Grip: Scott Marrinan

Sound Recordist: Jack Worthington

BTS and Runners: Jeremy Teh & Jesse Perez

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