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Lemonade - Webseries

When life gives you lemons, you just, er... not sure how the old saying goes, but here's a series about two twenty-something-year-old housemates in a hurry to get nowhere.


I was lucky enough to be asked by Lemonade creators; Tyson Yates and Tamara McLaughlin, to direct three episodes of their webseries, which they wrote, produced and starred in.


Most of my previous narrative work had been short films that I had written, and then subsequently directed, so to direct something not penned myself was a new challenge. But a pleasurable challenge, as housemate scenarios and comedy is something I'm well initiated in - having spent most of my twenties in various share-houses - truly some of the most absurd times of my life, which I think reflects well in the Lemonade.

Fond memories of our time shooting this series, lots of laughs, heaps of heart, and Aqua's 'Turn Back Time' and Eskimo Joe's 'Black Fingernails, Red Wine' on repeat.


Written by Tyson Yates

Produced and Starring Tamara McLaughlin & Tyson Yates

Directed by Gregory Kelly

Director of Photography: Rohan McHugh

Production Design: Pernell Marsden

Sound Recordist: Andrew Dickens

Sound Design: Scott Young

Editor: Jayden McDonald

Colourist: Josh Ochoa

Production Assistants: Kristie Yates & Antonin Duvivier

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