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Perfection - Short Film

A terminally ill father attempts to record a posthumous message, but his perfectionist wife is hindering his efforts.

This short was born via a health scare. I discovered a lump - I’m not going to tell you where, but it was enough to visit my GP. The two days spent between my GP visit and scan, was utilized by taking long walks and thinking about my impending cancer diagnose and
ultimate death. 


Scenarios flooded my brain, and one of them was the story for Perfection. But, also something more, a commentary on relationships, personalities, and most paramount - what’s truly important in life.
I had my good friend Scott Marrinan
help me write this, and a fantastic crew to boot.
Thankfully my lump was benign. But, I’ll always thank it for bringing this short film into my life

Perfection won Best Film at the Capricorn Film Festival 2022, Best National Comedy at the Canberra Film Festival 2021 and Best Comedy at the Melbourne Short Film Festival 2022.

It also screened at 15 film festivals Australia wide.

Directed by Gregory Kelly

Starring Emma Drysdale and Seb Muirhead

Written by Gregory Kelly & Scott Marrinan

Produced by Kirstin McKenzie & Stephen Hunter

Director of Photography: Daniel Dunn

Production Design: Pernell Marsden

Hair & Makeup: Rachel Dass

Sound Recordist: Jack Worthington

Sound designer: Scott Young

Editor: Scott Marrinan

Colourist: Richard Oldfield

1st AC: Noah Hodgson

Gaffer: David Park

Song composed by Jonathan Easton

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