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Robbie Miller - Bitterness

The concept for Bitterness happened almost immediately on the first few listens. Carrying over the bitterness and burden of a past relationship, this was a personal track for Robbie, and it needed his performance.


Who doesn't love metaphors - the crash landing of a relationship, dragging the parachute of burden, shedding the skin of your past and moving on to a brighter future. It's all there.

Filmmaking - the process - is something to enjoy, as much as we anticipate the final product. The morning we shot this, we were greeted with fog covered Yarra ranges, then our brilliant crew were treated to a warm December day in the fresh rural air.


Concept & Direction: Gregory Kelly

Produced by Courtney Bombell and Creative Clones

Director of Photography: Rudi Siira

Art Director: Pernell Marsden

Editor: Shannon Michaelas

Colourist: Ciara Gallogly

Steadicam Operator: Glenn Clayton

1st AC: Gerald Wiblin

2nd AC: Dorian Hiscock

Special thanks to Irene and Greg at A Dogs Domain & Cats Too for hosting us

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