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WAAX - Same Same

WAAX’s brief was simple: have their lead singer Maz perform a repetitive routine in fashion with their track ‘Same Same’. Along with my co-director Pernell Marsden, we built on that concept, and drew inspiration from our own creative lives and non nine-to-five careers.


It became cathartic - an understanding
of the balancing act we play as creatives. Routine has its place, but monotony can be detrimental. It also presented an opportunity to create something technically challenging and high concept.

This is my proudest work so far - a satisfying bundle of honesty and entertainment. So I have mountains of appreciation for my brilliant co-director Pernell Marsden and our wonderful crew, who sweated through hours of takes, and retakes. 


WAAX‘s new video is a slice of disorienting brilliance. Their track ‘Same Same’ has been making waves since its release, and now it has a ripper video to boot. The clip was filmed over the course of a day in a Brissie warehouse, depicting anxiety through glitch-in-the-Matrix style repetition – compounding the song’s lyrical motif to great effect.” – Faster/Louder 07/02/17

Same Same won 'Best Music Video' at the Queensland Music Awards in 2018 and was a finalist at the West End Film Festival 2017

Concept by: Gregory Kelly, Pernell Marsden & WAAX
Directed & Produced by: Gregory Kelly & Pernell Marsden
Director of Photography: Ben Cotgrove

Production Design: Pernell Marsden & Jennifer Owens
Movi Operator: Corey Donaldson
1st AC: Erin O’Shiel
2nd AC: Yaniqui Kotzur
Gaffer: Connor Nierfield
Best Boy: Connal Plunkett
Make Up Artist: Zoe Evans
Props Buyer: Madeleine Harte
Carpenter: James Owens
Art Dept. Assist: Tim Vanderberg
Set Runner: Shanelle “Floss” Adams
Playback/ Continuity: Andrew Dickens
Stills/ Editor: Josh Ochoa
Colourist: Ben Cotgrove

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